What length should my social media ad be?
Choosing the ad length for your social media ad? Here are your options and some tips for choosing the right one for you!
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So you're filling out your creative brief and wondering which length option you should choose. Let's define them so you can choose the option that's best for your ad!

LinkedIn and Google Ads are written to platform limitations. For Facebook and Instagram, ad body copy can be up to 150 words.

Option 1: Writer's Choice

  • Your writer will review your creative brief and the ad will be as long as it needs to be to achieve your objective!

  • That means your ad could be anywhere from a short & snappy ad (1-2 liner) up to 150 words.

Option 2: Short & Snappy (1-2 lines)

  • Sometimes shorter copy is better. 

  • These 1-2 line ads are meant to catch attention and earn a quick click out of the social space…right into your landing page!

Option 3: Medium (around 75-100 words)

  • Selecting "Medium" gives your writer the room to get more information into the ad while keeping it brief enough to be easy to read.

  • Medium copy usually comes in around 75-100 words.

Option 4: Longer is Better (up to 150 words)

  • Long form is best used when sharing a story or testimonial(s). 

  • We write body copy of up to 150 engaging words with formatting that helps keep eyes on your ad!

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