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What's my discount? (Monthly Subscribers)
What's my discount? (Monthly Subscribers)
Wondering what kind of discount you get on other Ad Zombies products or services? We'll break it down here!
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As a Monthly Subscriber with Ad Zombies, you also get great discounts on upgrades, add-ons, and other products or services. Let's break that down!

  • In a hurry? Save 15% when you upgrade your delivery speed to RUSH during the creative brief. Savings are applied automatically! Details on RUSH delivery here.

  • Want to add scroll-stopping curated stock videos or curated stock images to an order? Save 25%! You can add them during or after the creative brief process and savings are applied automatically. Check out our scroll-stopping, curated stock videos here.

  • Want to order any of our other copywriting products? From email copy to website copy, scripts to product descriptions...and'll save on those, too! Log in to your member portal to utilize your copy credits (if applicable to your plan) or place an order for those additional products in our store and be sure to use your subscriber number (it starts with AZ) as a coupon code at checkout! Discount rates are based on your plan type.

Pro-tip: looking for your subscriber number? You can always find it in your member portal!

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