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How soon will I get my copy? (Monthly Subscribers)
How soon will I get my copy? (Monthly Subscribers)
Details on copy turnaround time for subscription clients.
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Let's talk about turnaround. Or, "how long will it take to get my copy back?" Let's break it down.

For Regular, Everyday Submissions: 3 to 5 days 

When you submit a brief, as usual, you'll get copy back within 5 days. That's real days, not just business days! That's right, we write on weekends!

During that time, our team checks your creative brief to make sure the writer has what they need to complete your assignment. The writer writes. And our Quality Assurance team reviews the copy before sending it to you. 

In a Rush? There's an option for that (ads only)!

Need something in 24 hours? Upgrade to RUSH delivery during your ad creative brief. As a monthly client, you'll automatically save 15% on our RUSH upgrades. Sorry, RUSH delivery is only available for ads. 

Please note: RUSH delivery puts you in the front of the line, kind of like a Fast Pass at DisneyLand, but it does NOT include mind reading, so be sure to fill out a solid creative brief (check out our help center for tips on that!). 

A Cautionary Tale of Longer Delivery...

There is one exception to our delivery speed: Whether you order a Rush or stick with Economy, if we don't have the info to write the ad, we have to wait! If a Zombie’s gotta reach out to you to understand your brief, OR, if you overloaded your Zombie Writer with TMI (too much information), and they don't know what you want, delivery of your copy may be delayed while we wait for you to clarify what we need. So what's the moral of this story? Good brief = great copy.

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