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How does rollover work? (Legacy Plans Only!)
How does rollover work? (Legacy Plans Only!)
If your monthly subscription includes rollover, here's what you need to know.
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Many of our legacy monthly plans (including Starter, Basic, and Pro which were available until early February 2020) included "rollover" credits.

If your plan includes rollover,* unused ad credits from your current billing period rollover at the end of the month and expire after 30 days. 

On a legacy plan and interested in credits that never expire? Chat our team and we'll help you migrate into one of our new plans!

Rollover credits are utilized after the active month’s credits have been used up. This means that unused credits from billing period will roll to the next, but if not used in the next month, expire (and unused credits from that month then rollover to the next). 

If you cancel your subscription, any unused credits expire on the last day of your final billing cycle.

Here's an example: 

Let's say Client A started an 8 ads per month plan on January 1st. 

Their billing cycle will reset on the 1st of each month (convenient, right?!).

  • In January, they used all 8 ad credits, so nothing rolls over. 

  • In February, they used 0 ad credits, so 8 ad credits roll over.

  • In March, they have 8 new ad credits that get used first, PLUS they have 8 ad credits that rolled over from February and expire at the end of this billing cycle. To avoid losing any ad credits, they should use all 16 ad credits before the billing cycle resets on April 1.

Have questions about your rollover credits? Chat our friendly customer service zombies and they can check your account to ensure you're getting the most out of your subscription!

*Unlimited plans do NOT include rollover. Enterprise plans likely do NOT include rollover, but are custom-designed for each client, so check your personal plan details if you're on an Enterprise plan.

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