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What does a scroll-stopping Ad Zombies curated stock video look like? Should you add a curated stock image to your order?

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Wondering what kind of video we can make for just $70 (or $119 with ad copy)?

We've got a whole page of details and samples for you right here:

What kinds of Curated-Stock Image add-ons do we offer?
Our creative team will source a stock image that matches your ad with a focus on catching the attention of your ideal customer.

Adding a stock image to your order is GREAT for situations like:

  • Happy person on a generic mountain.

  • Team of people high-fiveing.

  • Sad person looking at tablet.

  • Confused person looking at tablet.

  • Person on phone looking at credit card.

Adding a stock image to your order is NOT IDEAL for specific requests like: 

  • Custom Product Shots

  • Custom Location Shots

  • Very Specific Emotions

  • Very Specific Situations

  • A woman from Scottsdale, Arizona with a Coach umbrella & Gucci bag, looking puzzled at her iPhone 11 Pro in the snow.

Have questions about whether adding a Curated Stock Image is right for you? Our team is happy to answer your questions!

Ready to get started? Place your order in our store, or add a video to your next creative brief!

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