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We want you to LOVE your ad copy, so if you need a revision here are tips to give feedback that will help our writers ace it!
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Sometimes we miss the mark. 

Once in a while, we write something you weren't expecting, or maybe we just didn't *get* what we were writing for. I know, shocking, right?

We want you to LOVE your ad copy, so... if we messed it up, missed it, or misunderstood your brief, we've got your back! We've got a whole Satisfaction Guarantee and everything!

If your ad copy isn't quite right, we'll rewrite (or revise) up to two times until you're satisfied with the style, quality, and context of your copy!

For small word changes, or changing a call-to-action button, feel free to tinker own this copy now! If you want us to take another look at it, it's time to request a revision.


  1. Open the email that contained your completed order & tap “Reply”
    (Note: revision requests are accepted for up to 5 days after an ad was delivered, so we recommend reviewing copy as it comes in!)

  2. Tell us why you're not satisfied, and please be specific!
    Helpful feedback: This tone doesn't resonate with my target audience...(and then please help us understand why)
    Unhelpful feedback: My toddler could write this better! (But HOW would they do that?! That's the feedback we need!)

  3. Hit the “Send” button and our Zombies will get to work on it!

Even though Zombies eat a lot of braaaaaiiiinnnnssss, they’re not mind readers. So, be sure to give the constructive feedback needed to complete your rewrite. And, don't worry, if we don't get it, we'll reply to your email and ask for further details if needed!

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