If your ad has been rejected by Facebook, but you believe it's in compliance with the terms of service, it's time to ask for a human review.

We recommend using this language when appealing within Facebook Business Manager: 

I believe your algorithm mistakenly disapproved this ad. This ad does not violate any Facebook TOS as it makes NO False Statements or Deceptive Claims, has NO Profanity and contains NO Ethnic or Racial Profiling.

Please have a HUMAN review the ad content and approve as soon as possible.

A few things to double check before asking for human review: 

  1. Is your landing page compliant? (Yes, they do check those!)

  2. If you're running an image or video, make sure the image (or video thumbnail) doesn't have more than 20% text. We recommend selecting a video thumbnail with no text for best results.

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