Facebook Example Ads

Take a look at a few examples of Facebook ads here.

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Yeah, we're into fitness...fitting awesome ad copy into compliance with Facebook's terms of service! Each Facebook Ad includes two headline options, body copy and newsfeed link description copy. Select the length of your body copy when you fill out your creative brief. You can choose Short-Form (50 words or less) or Long-Form (50-150 words). Learn more about purchasing Facebook Ad Copy in our store.

Here are a few examples of ad copy we're using for Ad Zombies right now! To see each ad in action on Facebook, click on the Ad Name!

Ad 1: We're Looking Out for You
(Awareness/Top of Funnel Ad)

Ad Body Copy:
Do your Ads get this many eyeballs?

See, we're looking out for you.


Headline: Did You See That?
Alt Headline: There Are a LOT of Eyeballs on This Ad

Newsfeed Link Description (not available for all ad types):
we've got our eyes on you

Ad 2: Beefy Ads
(Consideration/Middle of Funnel Ad)

Ad Body Copy:
Want seriously beefy πŸ” ads? We mean sell anything, anywhere, anytime to anyone type ads.
The right kind of ad takes the right kind of writer. That's where we come in. AdZombies does more ads for more businesses than anyone else.
We write for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google. If people go there, we sell there.
βœ… Landing pages? Yep!
βœ… Email campaigns that get read? Been there, done that.
βœ… Scroll stopping videos? Thanks to Promo.com, 100%
Yup, we know how to write words for ANY business in the world. If your business exists on planet Earth 🌎 we can write for you too.

[Flying Cheeseburger Video Appears Here]

Headline: Want it Beefy?
Alt Headline: Serving Seriously Beefy Ads

Newsfeed Link Description (not available for all ad types):
this ad made with vegan animation

Visit the Ad Zombies store to purchase Facebook Ad Copy. Did you know that Facebook Ad copy is included in our monthly plans? Learn more about our monthly plans here.

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