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Imagine selling out 6-months worth of inventory in less than 4-weeks. That's what happened when Flavored PB Co. opened a fresh jar of zombies. We gave them creamy ads and an extraordinarily nutty campaign.

Case Study: Flavored PB Co - Ad Zombies

Alt Headline:
This Nutty Campaign Sold Out 6 Months of Inventory!

To run Ads, or not to run Ads… that WAS the question… 👆bit.ly/adzombies

William sat in his dank room, feathered plume in hand, wondering how to promote his latest masterpiece.

His BFF Thad, told him about some remarkable wordsmiths on the other side of the ocean, AdZombies. He called them legendary storytellers and advertisers. William made quick work of drafting them a letter…

Dear AdZombies,

Dark are the days of a playwright and lonely are the nights. In the past, I hath struggled to deliver my works to the proper and most receptive audience. I heard you possess mystical advertising powers that can thus amplify the reach of my message for more to appreciate my literary genius.

Please help.

Hear my soul speak:
The very instant that I heard about you, did My heart fly to your service.

Most gratefully,

Willy Shake

It's OK William, we've got your back. And we promise, there won't be any daggers, drama, or death.

When you need to convey the right message to your audience, do what William Shakespeare does, let AdZombies craft your message so you can do what YOU do best.

Shakespeare Can't Write These

Alt Headline:
To Write...or Not To Write, T'Was the Question


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