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Example Sales Letter Copy (1-Page)
Example Sales Letter Copy (1-Page)

Looking for a sample of our sales letter copy? You've found it here!

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Looking for sales letter copy (yes, an actual letter you print out or share as a PDF)? For each page of copy, we provide up to 300 words. Learn more about purchasing Sales Letter Copy in our store.

For this example, we'll share a one-page summary of our business that we've created to connect with prospective customers.

We Write Words That Sell...ANYTHING!

Discover how Ad Zombies can bring your ad creative (and so much more) back to life at affordable flat rates.


At Ad Zombies, we’re all about freeing you from the terrible, terrible burden of writing your own copy. (We actually think writing copy is great, but then again we’re a bunch of copywriters. So, this is a match made in heaven...if zombies can get in, that is.) 

Our team of professional copywriters takes your goals and strategy and delivers words that will sell anything you’re legally allowed to advertise!

How do we deliver such great work at such low prices? Our simple, efficient system delivers the right details to our creative team so they can quickly deliver compelling copy. 

Simply purchase what you need, fill out a creative brief, and relax while we do the heavy lifting! Have questions about what we do (or don’t do) and if we can do (or not do) it for your business? Our team is available via chat at to answer your questions!


  1. 100% satisfaction with the style, quality or context of your copy. That means we write to the standards set in your creative brief and if we miss that mark, you are encouraged to request a revision or rewrite within 5 days of receiving your copy. 

  2. Ownership of your copy. Want to tweak the copy we sent after the fact? Rearrange it? Split test it with some alternate headlines? Change the call-to-action? Go for it! You own it now and you can tinker to your heart’s delight. Prefer to have us tinker? If it’s outside the scope of your original brief, you can simply purchase new copy and ask for us to refer to previously-delivered copy!

  3. On-time delivery. Generally, we deliver copy within 3-5 days of receiving a creative brief. Some products are eligible for an upgrade to 1-3 day delivery or RUSH delivery (24 hours or less). As long as we have all the details we need to write, you’ll get your copy on time. If your copy is delayed because the creative team needs more details, we’ll be in touch with you and let you know when to expect delivery! (This is why filling out that creative brief is so important!)

  4. Attention to detail. While we cannot guarantee ad approvals or performance (see our Terms of Service for full details on that) we will make every effort to write a compliant ad that will resonate with your target audience. If your ad is rejected, we ask you to start by requesting a human review. If the ad is rejected after review, please contact our customer service team. If it’s a copy-related issue, we’ll revise your ad for free!

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