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We don't sell on Amazon, but if we did, this is what a product description for our Facebook Split Test Ad Set would look like:

Keyword-Rich Product Title or Headline:
Split Test Ad Set - Test Ads To Find The Perfect Sauce - 3 Interchangeable Headlines - 3 Interchangeable Body Copies - 1 NewsFeed Link Description - Mix, Match, and Test

5 Product Bullet Points:

  • FIND YOUR PERFECT AD - With split testing, you'll discover the perfect headline + ad body copy combo to maximize ROAS efficiency without wondering "If I only had a better headline" or "If only my body copy were better."
  • UP TO 9 VARIATIONS FOR TESTING - You'll be able to mix and match multiple combinations of headlines and ad body copies to find what works BEST for your audience faster than ever before.
  • VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE - With so much variety, you'll have several Ads to play with, and your audience will take a whole lot longer to experience Ad fatigue... so THAT'S fun!
  • BUILD A CAMPAIGN WITH ONE PURCHASE - Let's say you find your perfect sauce for one Ad, well, now you have other Ads you can run in different stages of your sales funnel, creating a full campaign from one Ad Set purchase.
  • DISCOVER YOUR TRUE TARGET AUDIENCE - Knowing which Target Audiences respond to which combination of Split Test Ads, you'll be able to better dial in your target audiences for maximum results!

Body Copy:
Ever run a Facebook Ad and wondered if it would perform better with a different headline? Or, if the body copy was a little different? With Ad Zombies' Brand-New Split Test Ad Set, you don't have to wonder ever again. You may have to wAnder a bit, but that's the fun part! Test up to 9 different Ad Variations to find your perfect sauce and then, run it to maximum ROAS efficiency! No one else is doing this and oh, look at that, it's super affordable too!

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